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Monday, August 21, 2017
  • Hemp Farming is as old as man. We look forward to contracting with today's Pennsylvania farmers to help process & add value to their crops like we do with our brands - Read More
  • Hand Rolled - Swirled or Twisted - our soft pretzels are high in protein & complex carbs - it's a darker full flavored soft pretzel, baked & frozen. Shipped direct. Read More
  • It's been a 20 year - Just Say Know campaign, advocating for the farmers to cultivate cannabis creating jobs but remember we have history - dig deep vs closing the book on hemp. Read More
  • Get ready for the fall season - local events - regional awareness, State impact and National interest. Read More
  • New labels - nutritional panels & barcoding - ready for your deli, bakery, restaurant - 9oz jars - inquiry about gallons. Read More
  • Kudos to Pennsylvania activist who have helped make this a reality - Read More
  • Hemp Oil is used in Hempzels Soft Pretzels - Natalie's Nut-less butter - we look forward to getting Pennsylvania pressed hemp oil in the fall of 2017. Read More
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Hemp's His-tory

Introduction to the Lancaster Trading House Network

Lancaster Trading House, Inc - 1-800-USE-HEMP in the U.S.A. 

  • Offering Hempzel's® Pretzels® Pretzels & our Mustard That Bites Back™™ along with Natalie's Choice™ Brand's™ Brand's - Wholesale Direct or through Limited Distribution.
  • Importing Canadian Hemp Seed, Hemp Flour and Hemp Oil - Adding Value to Traditional Products.
  • Working To Free the Seed - Since Pre 1997 
  • Creating the infrasctructure for the coming industrial hemp - Cannabis revolution
  • or - 
  • THE Lancaster Trading House, Inc. Logo is that signifying the power of the hemp seed - atomic energy around the old hemp mill stone with the hemp stalks tieing it all together - energy, renewable, right from the farmers fields - Hempfield Township to be exact.

Hemp Textiles

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